Benefits of Physiotherapy After Surgery

To ensure a full recovery after an operation, many experts recommend physiotherapy. Here are some benefits of physiotherapy after surgery.

Undergoing surgery to treat any medical condition or injury takes a massive toll on the body. Many patients feel extremely weak, in pain, immobilized, or depressed for weeks after surgery.

Increases Mobility

Patients need to get moving after surgery to help with recovery. Physiotherapy benefits patients by allowing them to regain their mobility and increase their range of motion.

During physiotherapy, the guided exercises and movements allow patients to heal correctly and ensure that the replacements or repairs made during surgery continue to function effectively.

If patients don’t actively try to keep their body moving after surgery, they may experience loss of function in affected limbs along with muscle weakness and postoperative complications. In some cases, bed rest after surgery can result in losing muscle mass and strength due to physical inactivity.

A custom designed physiotherapy program allows patients to slowly regain their strength and indulge in controlled physical activities under a professional’s supervision.

Manages Pain

As the body heals, patients might experience different pain levels, which can be physically and emotionally detrimental to their health. Physiotherapy after surgery helps patients manage their pain and avoid addiction to opioid medications.

In physiotherapy, trained experts help patients exercise their bodies, which releases endorphins that boost the mood, increase happiness, and result in an overall sense of well being.

Physiotherapy also improves blood circulation in the body, which delivers oxygen to muscles and tissues, reducing inflammation and decreasing pain levels. The exercises also help restore joint and muscle function, which reduces stiffness and relieves further pain.

Strengthens Core and Improves Balance

Many patients are prone to falling after surgery as their bodies are weak and are unable to maintain balance. Physiotherapists advise unique exercises that improve balance so that patients can walk without fear of falling and further injuring themselves during post-surgical recovery.

Physiotherapy also helps strengthen midsection and core, which are the essential foundation of our body. The muscles in our core help keep us stable and prevent injuries. To promote faster recovery and better overall health, exercises that strengthen the core are vital for patients recovering from surgery.

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