Back Pain: Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal side to side “S” or “C” curvature of the spine that often leads to pain and discomfort especially during the growing years. Most cases have no identifiable cause and are often classified as congenital or developmental. The degree of curvature can range from mild (<20 degrees), moderate (25-40 degrees), to severe (>50 degrees).

The patient pictured above came to Motion Science complaining of back pain that was exacerbated by sitting for extended periods (university student). A thorough assessment allowed us to identify contributing factors that we then isolated and worked on individually using manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, and active exercises. You can see the reduction in the lateral curvature of the thoracic and lumbar spine, a reset scapular position, decreased shoulder height difference, and a decreased right rib hump. The patient had immediate improvement in pain and function!

An accurate diagnosis of contributing factors and a targeted treatment plan is vital in minimizing and/or reversing spinal changes.

At Motion Science Physiotherapy Clinic, we are evidence-based and result-driven! If you’re experiencing Scoliosis back pain, book an appointment to see one of our therapists!

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