Physiotherapy is now more accessible than ever before!

Our Winnipeg based Physiotherapists are ready to provide you with safe, quality remote patient care via tele-rehabilitation. These appointments can take place via video chat or phone call from the comfort of your own home. Whether a previous injury has decided to resurface, a new injury has occurred or you are unable to access in person care, our Physiotherapists are here to help.

Most insurance companies recognize tele-rehabilitation and continue to fund your physiotherapy even though it is remote!

Contact us today to set up an online tele-rehabilitation assessment or subsequent treatment.

What is Tele-Rehabilitation?

It is an accessible way to have a physiotherapy appointment. Tele-rehab shadows an in-person appointment, the only difference being there is no hands on approach.

Does it Cost More Than an In-Person Visit?

No, our Physiotherapists are here to help you at the same price as an in-person visit

Is it the Right Option for me?

If you are high risk for Covid-19 or are unable to leave your place of residence, tele-rehab might be the best option for you!

How do you Protect my Information During a Session?

Patient confidentiality is our number one concern. During your session your Physiotherapist will be in a private room and all conversations will be kept between yourself and your physiotherapist

Does my Insurance Cover Tele-Rehabilitation?

Most insurance companies will cover a tele-rehab physio session

Do you Direct Bill?

Yes, we can still direct bill to most insurance companies for a tele-rehab physio session

See you in the Virtual World!

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