Tendinitis vs Tendinosis

You may have heard of tendinitis and tendinosis but did you ever stop to think what the difference is?

Tendinitis is a temporary inflammation of a tendon (3 months or less) due to micro tearing of the collagen fibers that make up the tendon. The degree of inflammation can vary depending on the amount of damage that has occurred to the collagen fibers. This diagnosis is more common in early life and a cause can usually be identified. With the right advice and exercises, this condition does improve and can heal. In general the body’s ability to recover is optimal the younger you are.

Tendinosis is a degenerative condition of a tendon in which the tendon is breaking down faster than the body is able to heal (replace the broken-down tissue). This condition often leads to chronic pain (pain lasting greater than 6 months) and is thought to be a natural process of aging. This diagnosis is more common with older adults and the onset of symptoms is often gradual. Risk factors include occupations that involve overuse and repetitive use. Various factors play a role in tendinosis such as nutrition, blood flow, genetic factors, and lifestyle. Interventions are more complicated and can involve an interdisciplinary team. If conservative interventions fail to help, a referral to a doctor can be made to look into more invasive procedures such as injections (Cortisone, PRP) and/or surgery.

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