Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses shockwaves to treat patients with different medical conditions such as chronic muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, jumpers knee, stress fractures and more. It involves passing shockwaves or impulses of energy through the skin to the injured area. The shockwaves are delivered to the damaged tissues to promote cell regeneration and accelerate the repair. The energy pulses also reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.

Shockwaves occur naturally when a plane or lightning strikeis faster than the speed of sound. Shockwaves are a unique variety of sound which can promote healing in injured bones and tendons.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of shockwave therapy.

Non-surgical and Non-invasive

Shockwave therapy is entirely non-surgical and non-invasive where a small, hand-held device is used to pass shockwaves directly to the affected part of the body to encourage healing.

Painless, Fast and Effective Procedure

It is a speedy and efficient procedure that accelerates healing, promotes cell growth, and provides quick pain relief to patients suffering from chronic conditions.

The sound wave pulses delivered to the affected area increase blood circulation and promote cell regeneration. The therapy also breaks down and removes an excess buildup of calcium, reducing inflammation and potentially providing immediate pain relief.

It is time efficient, painless and delivers rapid results. A patient only needs to visit the physiotherapy clinic three to five times for the treatment depending on the extent of their injury.

Highly Successful and Affordable

Another benefit of shockwave therapy is its high success rate. Previously, scientists used this treatment to break kidney stones without requiring a surgical procedure. Nowadays, shockwave therapy is used to successfully promote regeneration of cells and healing of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The therapy is also affordable for patients as it doesn’t require a costly surgery or expensive drugs to be administered during pre- or post-treatment.

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