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Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy


Athletic Therapy is a profession that specializes in the prevention and care of musculoskeletal disorders (muscles, bones, joints) and they relate to athletics and the pursuit of physical activity. AT’s are best known for their presence on the field and for being quick on their feet in emergency situations with professional athletes.

The human body has the ability to generate stamina and strength in the muscles and joints without compromising the biomechanics of the skeletal structure. Athletic therapy is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments that help people build a solid foundation for an active lifestyle and ensure full mobility of all the joints and muscles in the body. This type of therapy involves tried and tested techniques, exercises, and movements specially designed to restore the ability to perform functional activities and help people overcome limited movement.

Athletic Therapists that work in a clinical setting assess and rehabilitate injuries using evidence-based techniques. Treatment can include pain management, postural and musculoskeletal analysis, physical conditioning, functional exercise programs, and sport-specific training.

ATs are also skilled in the use of therapeutic modalities (ultrasound, IFC, TENS, Cupping, etc) and manual therapy techniques including massage, soft tissue, and low-grade joint mobilizations. At Motion Science Physiotherapy Clinic, we create individualized Athletic Therapy programs for patients in Silver Heights, Winnipeg.

Do I have to be an athlete to see an Athletic Therapist?

Absolutely not! Athletic Therapists work with all sorts of patients, from young children with concussions to seniors recovering from a fall. You do not have to be an athlete to see an athletic therapist, nor do you have to be injured during a sporting activity. Any muscle/bone/joint-related injury, whether activity or work-related, could benefit from an orthopedic assessment and rehabilitative techniques.

Do I need a referral from my doctor for athletic therapy?

Nope! Although most major providers have A.T. coverage, you may require a referral from your doctor. We recommend calling your provider to confirm coverage details before receiving treatment.

What do I wear to my appointment?

You should wear loose fitted clothing that allows for the athletic therapist to properly assess the area of concern.

How old are patients that attend athletic therapy?

Patients range from 5-90 years old, it all depends on the type of injury.


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