3 Ways Working from Home Is Ruining Your Posture

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 10% of the employees in Canada had the option to work from home. Since the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown measures that were imposed to curb the spread of the virus, more than 40 percent of employees find themselves working from home. Most of these people expect to continue working from home even after the pandemic.

While that might result in a more relaxed work environment and better work/life balance for many people, it can also lead to various issues. One of the most common issues faced by people working from home is bad posture.

Most Canadians did not have a proper home office set up prior to the pandemic. With many people unable to afford proper home office setups, they are working from their dining room tables, their beds, or their living room sofas. This has resulted in a negative impact on the body, and many people end up with discomfort in their back and neck because of bad posture.

Here are some common ways that working from home affects posture:

Improper Back Support

The first thing that affects the posture is not sitting in the right chair that offers effective back support. Most people working from home either use dining room chairs or sit on the sofa, which doesn’t provide proper back support. This leads to hunching of the shoulders and a curved spine for hours while you work, leading to upper and lower back pain and aching shoulders.

A woman working form home on her dining room table

Working for Longer Hours

While working from home, many people forget to keep track of the time and go for hours before taking a break. This means sitting in one position for hours, leading to stiff and sore muscles. To prevent bad posture, it is important to give your body a break every couple of hours by getting up and doing a few stretches to loosen and relax any stiff muscles.

Softer Sitting Options

When working from home, most people sit on either bed or on the sofa for maximum comfort. However, softer sitting places provide very little back support and often lead to the spine becoming curved. Sitting with a curved spine can have long-term effects on the posture and can even lead to chronic back pain in the future. If you plan on continuing to work from home, you should invest in a proper chair with great back support and a table that allows you to keep your elbows at right angles to avoid any issues with your posture.

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