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Custom Orthotic Fitting

WHAT ARE CUSTOM FITTED ORTHOTICS?   Custom fitted orthotics replace your existing footwear insole, rest on top of the sole of your shoe and under your foot.    They are fabricated to match the shape of your foot as it is when you are not weight-bearing. Other features are built into the devices based on your needs & condition.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ORTHOTICS?   Custom orthotics reduce and prevent problems relating to weight bearing on the ground. These may result from faulty biomechanics, structural asymmetry of your skeletal system, specific foot lesions, deformities of the foot, and many conditions affecting the lower back and lower body. For example, if one leg is anatomically longer, that foot will often twist or over-pronate, resulting in heel, toe, knee or lower back pain. And the wear on your hips and low back may also be affected by these issues.

ARE ORTHOTICS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR ME?  Yes. A plaster cast impression is made of both feet, taking into account existing conditions and how your foot interacts with the ground.  The casts are sent to a lab where they are used in fabricating a custom shape for your foot.  Your physiotherapist completes a detailed prescription which advises the lab, as required.  The lab and your physiotherapist may collaborate on design elements specific to your feet & body.

HOW MUCH DO THEY COST?  WHAT ABOUT DUPLICATES OR FUTURE PAIRS? The fitting session is a separate physiotherapy appointment – either an assessment or a follow up, as applies. Please consult MOTION SCIENCE PHYSIOTHERAPY regarding the cost of the orthotics (including shipping) and payment terms.  A minimum of half the cost of the orthotics is required as a deposit at the time of cast fitting.  The orthotics must be paid for in full prior to receiving them.  Pricing for duplicate pairs,   future pairs or for the sandal style of custom orthotics is less than the first pair.

ARE ORTHOTICS COVERED BY PRIVATE INSURANCE?  Many private insurers cover the cost of custom fitted orthotics.  Please look into your insurance requirements PRIOR TO your casting.  Most insurance providers require a DETAILED orthotics report. When required by the insurer, this report will incur an additional fee of $35. Please advise the clinic of the insurer’s requirements prior to casting. It is your responsibility to pay for the orthotics if your insurance does not cover the orthotics.

CAN I WEAR THEM WITH SANDALS?  Yes. In this case, specific sandals which accommodate orthotics would be purchased here in Winnipeg and you would bring them to the clinic. These and a tracing of your feet are sent to the lab which uses your digital orthotics prescription to fit a custom sandal orthotic into your sandals. Many people choose to wear sandal orthotics at home indoors and outdoors in summer.

WHAT IF AN ELEVATED SHOE HAS BEEN RECOMMENDED FOR ME?  For greater differences in leg length (> 1 cm.) some lift may built into the orthotics of the shorter leg and the remainder of the correction may be added to that shoe’s outsole – by a shoe maker.  In this way, the visible lift on your outsole can be minimized.

HOW LONG DO THEY LAST?  Depending on wear and on materials used, most custom orthotics will last 3 to 6 years before replacement. Recovering may also be an option.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET THEM?  About 2 weeks from the date of the orthotics fitting session. For faster service, a rush order fee may be chosen.

SHOULD I GET TREATMENT BEFORE / AFTER THE ORTHOTICS ARRIVE? This depends upon the condition. Please consult your attending physiotherapist.

WHAT ABOUT MY PICK UP VISIT?  Typically you are asked to bring in a pair of casual shoes or runners, leaving the existing (removable) insoles in the shoes. Those insoles become a template for trimming the orthotics – if required – to fit into your shoes.

IS THERE A WARRANTY ON THEM?  From the date of acquisition, revisions may be made to the orthotics for up to 6 months. The first revision is at no cost. About 15% of pairs will require one no-charge lab revision, a second lab revision is quite rare.

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**Patient Questions to Ask the Insurer**

  1. Do you have coverage for custom orthotics?
  2. Do you need a referral?
    • If so, can it come from the physiotherapist that’s fitting you?
    • If not, then who must the referral come from?
  3. Can the fitting be done by a physiotherapist
  4. Is a detailed orthotics report required by the insurer?
    • If so, will the insurer, pay for it?

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