Shoulder Pain: Forward Shoulder Posture

Shoulder injuries are among the most commonly treated conditions we see here at the clinic. Although there is no cookie-cutter approach for these types of injuries, a lot of shoulder pain is preceded by having forward shoulder posture. Forward shoulder posture narrows the tunnel that shoulder muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bursa need to slide through. Over time this leads to fraying, thickening, inflammation and subsequent pain. This also increases your chances of getting tears.  

medical diagram to highlight shoulder pain

Most shoulder injuries occur from having forward shoulder posture combined with a compromising activity. For an example an overhead press at the gym or sometimes as simple repetitive movement above shoulder height. 

We not only address your pain but work to reverse the cause of your pain so you can remain pain-free. There is no cookie-cutter approach – a thorough assessment helps us determine the cause so that we can work to address and reverse it. We use various treatment methods to get to recoveries, such as manual therapies, stretches, mobilizations, active exercises, and myofascial techniques.

At Motion Science Physiotherapy Clinic, we are evidence-based and result-driven! If you are experiencing shoulder pain and need some help, please contact us at 204-414-4494 or book online.

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