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How Shockwave Therapy Heals Sports Injuries

Have you ever witnessed an athlete take a nasty fall while playing their favorite sport? It seems so painful! And while the crowd grimaces and wonders how painful the injury must be, it’s always a shocker when the athlete is back the next week, playing again!

While it may seem like a miracle, many professional athletes rely on treatments that target their joints and muscles and help them recover in no time. One such incredibly popular and successful treatment is shockwave therapy. Here’s how the treatment works.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?
Shockwave therapy is a safe and controlled treatment that’s mainly used to help aid the healing of tendon-related injuries. With the help of a handheld device that delivers high energy pulses of sound waves, physical therapists can target the body’s affected area. The concentrated treatment means high precision and faster healing.

While shockwave therapy was initially used to break down kidney stones in the body, studies showing the effective results it had on reducing tendon pain made it a common treatment plan for sports injuries.
The Benefits Of Shockwave Therapy

Physiotherapists and athletes swear by shockwave therapy treatment. However, the question remains: what benefits does it offer that traditional treatment does not?

-Fast And Successful Treatment: Due to the targeted treatment with the help of a handheld device, athletes can get rid of the pain sooner, making it ideal for professionals who can’t afford to sit out important matches.

-Non-Surgical: Often, surgical tools and casts are used to help treat sports injuries. This can hinder mobility and be time-consuming. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and can be performed with no disruption to everyday routines.

-No Need For Medication: Often, people who are already on medication may have to switch their entire treatment to facilitate pain medication. With shockwave therapy, you do not need to take any medication, making it a more convenient option.

Should You Get Shockwave Therapy?
Shockwave therapy treats tendon-related injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, shin splints, chronic muscular pain, patellar tendonitis, etc. It’s best for people who are looking for quick pain relief or struggles to make the traditional treatment work for them.

It’s advised to ask your physiotherapist whether your injury is eligible for shockwave therapy treatment. If you want to get a professional opinion, you can get in touch with us, at Motion Science Physiotherapy.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology administered by licensed professionals. Contact us today to book an appointment or learn more about how we conduct our shockwave therapy treatment in Winnipeg.

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